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Review of Miles & More Frequent Flyer Program

Miles & More boasts of being the largest frequent flyer program in Europe and they are justified in doing so because it has the largest member base. The program was founded by Lufthansa, a member of Star Alliance, with Thai Airways, Air Canada, SAS and United Airlines in the US. The program currently has the largest number of airlines as well as other miles awarding retail members in the hotel, car rental, retail and telecommunications and electronics markets.

Earning miles

Purchasing flight tickets on partner airlines is the principal way to earn Miles & More miles. The miles earned depend on the airline and the fare class but L and K fares do not earn miles. Domestic Lufthansa flights within Germany earn fixed miles depending on booking class: W fares get 125 miles; E, G, H, M, Q, S, T, U and V classes earn 500 miles; B, P and Y fare classes earn 1,000 miles; and C, D, J and Z classes get 1,500 miles per flight.
International flights within Europe earn between 125 and 2,000 miles depending on class and distance of flight with the minimum miles being 500, 750, 1,000 and 1,500 for different classes. Economy class tickets earn 50% to 150% Miles & More miles of actual miles flown, business class fares earn 200% and first class fares earn 300% Miles & More miles of the actual miles flown. Elite members enjoy a 25% additional miles bonus on Lufthansa and partner airlines but this varies with carriers.
Miles & More members can earn mileage points on Lufthansa and integrated airlines including Star Alliance airlines and from hotel stays, car rental and shopping from the hundreds of partner companies. The best way to earn extra points is to get the co-branded credit cards offered to program members.

Redeeming miles

When it comes to redeeming miles, Miles & More account holders are lucky that the Star Alliance accommodates them. The miles are redeemable for many awards ranging from flight tickets to a cup of coffee in flights and high electronic devices.
The points required to redeem awards vary but typically, a domestic round-trip on economy class costs 25,000 miles, a business class fare costs 35,000 miles and a first class ticket costs 50,000 miles. Flights within Europe are redeemable for 30,000 miles in Economy class and 45,000 in business while international flights from Europe to North America are redeemable for 60,000, 105,000 and 170,000 miles for economy, business and first class flights respectively. Lufthansa and partner airlines in the Miles & More program also offer round the world tickets for 180,000 miles on Economy class, 325,000 in business and 480,000 miles in first class.
Child awards are at 75% of the normal mileage requirement and upgrade awards are available within Europe for 10,000 miles from economy to business class and between 35,000 and 50,000 for flights between Europe and other regions. Besides flights, members can also redeem their miles for hotel stays, gift vouchers, shopping, magazine subscriptions, car rentals, dining and staying at hotels or even events such as sports.

Elite membership

The Miles & More program has 3 elite levels that are valid for 3 years from the time the member reaches it. The Miles & More Frequent Traveller elite level requires 35,000 status miles in a year, Senator level requires 100,000 miles and the HON Circle Membership requires 600,000 Miles & More miles spread over 2 consecutive years. These elite membership level have tons of great benefits that include wait list priority, free baggage allowance, bonus earning for miles flown, business airport lounge access and tons of other privileges.


• Being the largest frequent flyer in Europe, Miles & More offers the widest range of miles earning flights.
• Option to purchase up to 12,000 miles per year.
• Elite level members enjoy many privileges and many options of earning and redeeming miles.
• Frequent promotions keep the members active in the program.
• Option to settle fees and taxes by paying extra miles.


• The program is known for exorbitant fuel surcharges and taxes on the award tickets.
• Unlimited flight upgrades not available for elite level members.
• Not all flights earn miles.


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