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Review of US Airways’ Dividend Miles

Dividend miles is US Airways’ frequent flyer program that has won accolades largely for its very rewarding Grand Slam Promotion that they hold every now and then, a promotion that involves awarding members of the Dividend miles program flyer miles when they make purchases at various partners’ outlets or 1the 100 percent bonus it offers when miles are purchased. Like most other frequent flyer programs, Dividend Miles rewards its members with frequent flyer miles that are mainly earned by booking flights. The miles can be earned on US Airways flights as well as member carriers on Star Alliance.

Earning Miles

The most common way to accumulate flight points when you are a dividend miles member is through flights on US Airways and partner carriers. The number of miles you will earn in a flight depend on the distance flown as well as the class of fare and your Dividend Miles membership level. Flying economy class will earn you 100% Dividend Miles of actual miles flown while First and Envoy classes will earn you 150% Dividend miles of actual miles flown. US Airways award a minimum of 500 miles per flight.
Besides award points, Dividend Miles members also accrue preferred qualifying miles to attain elite membership but these points are awarded on US Airways flights only. The preferred qualifying miles earned are the actual distance of the flight across all fare classes. Elite level Dividend Miles members earn bonus miles for the same distance – up to 250% miles of actual miles flown.
Another way for Dividend Miles members to earn more points is by signing up for the $89 a year MasterCard credit card which earns 2 Dividend Miles for every dollar spent on the Airline purchases and 1 point for every other dollar spent anywhere. Other ways to earn include hotel accommodation, car rental, dining, home and financial services, magazine subscription, vacation points and the option to buy points from the carrier.

Redeeming points

Dividend miles can be redeemed for flights and other awards. The number of miles required to redeem a flight award depends on the fare class and the region to travel to. Origins and destinations are grouped in regions and the award cost is calculated based on the region of origin and the region of destination.
Dividend miles can also be used to upgrade flight fare class but the points required also depend on the flight fare and the regions of origin and destination. Remember that redeeming points also attracts various fees and charges which have to be paid in cash. Other award options available to Dividend Miles members include donation of points to charity, giving other members as gifts and redeeming the points for magazine subscriptions.

Elite Membership

Members of the Dividend Miles frequent flyer program can accumulate qualifying miles that will upgrade their status and enable them to earn more points and enjoy many privileges not available to standard members. Elite membership is in 4 levels: the Silver level requires 25,000 miles or 30 segments, Gold requires 50,000 or 60 segments, Platinum 75,000 or 90 segments and to be a Chairman’s Dividend member you will need 100,000 miles or 120 segments. Go to the Dividend miles page to see all the benefits of each elite level membership.

• Generous upgrade policy for elite members.
• Off-peak awards are very rewarding
• Regular promotions that awards miles benefit many members
• Awards can be put on hold for up to 3 days.


• Huge non-refundable award booking fees.
• Miles expire after 18 months of account inactivity.
• Blackout dates.


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