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Review of Vantage Club Reward program by Monarch Airlines

Vantage Club is Monarch Airlines’ customer loyalty reward program that pretty much works like most other frequent flyers we have today. The club aims at rewarding customers on scheduled flights with various travel privileges. Monarch is a scheduled leisure airline that operates from 6 bases within the UK but it is headquartered in London and operates flights to various holiday destinations including destinations in the Mediterranean, Canary Islands and other destinations in Europe. To be eligible to be a member, you will need to have taken at least 2 return flights or 4 one-way flights with the airline over the last 12 months.

Earning points

Monarch Airlines awards two different points types to its Vantage club members: Flying points, which are awarded depending on the cost of the flight and can be redeemed for free flights and membership points which are basically used to determine the level of membership.
Flying points
Flying points are awarded based on how much one spends for a flight ticket. The conversion rate is £1 earns 20 flying points while €1 earns 13 flying points. However, note that not all Monarch Airlines flights will earn points.
Membership points
Membership points are used to determine the level of membership in the Vantage program hence used to determine the privileges a member has earned. Every member starts at the Indigo level, the lowest level, regardless of the number of flights they may have made before joining. We will highlight the membership levels under ‘Elite membership’ below.
Each Monarch Airlines flight is allocated 3,300 flying points but they will start accumulating membership points at 1 point per flight. The more the points one earns, the higher the membership level they earn. Note that Monarch Airlines awards flying and membership points on annual basis only on scheduled flights (with numbers starting with ZB) and not all their flights.

Redeeming points

Vantage Club members can earn flying miles and accumulate them to redeem for free flights once they reach the minimum number of points required to redeem a flight ticket. The number of points required to redeem a flight is pre-set and you can determine how much it will cost to redeem a flight from the Airline’s Vantage Club webpage. The destinations are based on distance since they are dependent on the origin of the flight and the destination but most one-way tickets cost between 8,000 points and 20,000 flying points while return tickets cost twice the cost of a one-way ticket.

Elite membership

The Vantage Club frequent flyer reward program has 3 levels of memberships: Indigo, Silver and Gold.
Level 1: Indigo
Every new Vantage Club member starts at level indigo, which requires 4 membership points (one must have taken at least 2 return flights or 4 one-way flights to be eligible). Members in this level enjoy: option to redeem free flights for flying points, a dedicated telephone number, news and information and travel insurance discounts.
Level 2: Silver
To be a Silver Vantage club member, you will need 10 status points (must have taken at least 10 one-way flights or 5 return flights) within a year. Silver membership enjoys all the benefits of Indigo membership including increased baggage, priority check-in and security fast track when boarding in Manchester, East Midlands or Birmingham airports.
Level 3: Gold
To become a Gold member, a Vantage Club member must have accumulated 16 membership points (must have flown 16 one-way flights or 8 return flights). The benefits membership brings include all the privileges of Silver membership plus 2 free date changes, free sear selection, car parking, executive lounge discount and 2 free name changes.


• Simple points earning and redeeming system.
• Option to claim unclaimed points.
• Many holiday destination routes for one airline.
• Frequent flyers can benefit a lot from the generous reward program.


• Membership becomes inactive if a member fails to accumulate 4 membership points in a year.
• Any points in an inactive account lost after 12 months of inactivity.
• Points earned only on scheduled flights.
• No partnership with other airlines or businesses.


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